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Tuesday, April 19, 2005  


I've mentioned using furl several times, both here and elsewhere, but now I'm trying to get the latest furled entries into my weblogs. I know it's not the best place to do it, but here they are:

Actually I tell a lie. I tried to put the code inside this entry, but blogger wouldn't let me put the code here, so I'll have to put it in the template after all - so the following paragraph is already in error.

Later - when I get round to it, as they say, I shall move these somewhere else where they will perhaps be more useful.
If you want to do this with your own weblog, then get over to furl, get yourself an account, and then pick up the code. I don't know if other tools, such as spurl also have this type of feature, but will check this out.

posted by David | 4:16 am
BlinkList is another social bookmarking site that makes it very easy to syndicate your latest blinked sites. All you have to do is click on the "Blink RSS" button and it automatically generates the code for you.

Now just copy and paste the code into your blog and you are all set. Very simple. If you get a chance to check out BlinkList, would love to hear your thoughts. We are still very new and eager to make our site more fun and useful.

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