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Thursday, May 12, 2005  


Since Google took over Blogger there have been a number of improvements, including enabling the use of newsfeeds and providing a commenting system. I've finally noticed the commenting, and turned it on - or at least made new comments visible.

I've had to tinker with the settings a bit - in the end I settled on Show the comments, but to use a pop-up window. This means that comments don't appear automatically on the weblog, but only when the comment link is selected. I did wonder if the Hide comments option would hide the comments but make them accessible by a link - but it doesn't - it completely hides them!

I wonder how many others with older weblogs haven't thought to do this!

I'll get round to putting an iconic link to the newsfeed feature in shortly. In the meantime you can access the newsfeed at dave2002alt.blogspot.com/atom.xml

posted by David | 10:17 am
Having turned commenting on, now I should test it. Here is the test.
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