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Wednesday, June 01, 2005  

Sardinia - Nuraghe
Originally uploaded by dave2002.

Sardinia - Nuraghe -using flickr to post blog entries

This is a picture of a nuraghe, one of those curious stone buildings they have in Sardinia. They are actually rather large, and also rather old, dating back over 2000 years. They appear to be some form of community building, perhaps a castle or some other similar form of fortification.

The other feature of this post is that this is not done using the Blogger.com interface, but instead is done from the flickr blogging interface. I'll be over there in a few seconds to check that it all worked.

PS: This appears to have worked OK, except that the heading doesn't look right.
I'll see if I can put this right by editing the text/HTML directly.

PPS: Having just discovered that now one doesn't have to explicitly generate headers for entries posted using blogger, it does still seem necessary to do this for entries posted using flickr. Pity!

posted by David | 8:38 pm
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